Sunday, March 17, 2013

Polysix - Keybed plus Arduino plus a Mess

Following this post, where I completed the cabling for connected the new Fatar keybed to the Keyparts UK controller, and following this post, where I replaced the Korg Polysix key assigner with an Arduino Mega, I'm now able to use the new keybed to play the Polysix.  It was pretty exciting for me when I got all the parts working together.  Check it lives!

If you choose to watch this video, it's important to notice the mess of wires that I've created.  In my opinion, creating a mess is an important component of any kind of hacking.  Whatever it is that you like to create, I bet that you create quite a mess when you're in the middle of it.  The messiness is a good thing.  It is a reflection of the rapid iteration of new ideas and of quick-thinking problem solving.  It's a necessary part of creation

So, if you're new to hacking, don't get yourself discouraged or don't let yourself feel overwhelmed if, in the middle of your project, you feel like you're doing something "wrong" if things get really messy.  It's OK.  The key is to create what you want to create.  Then, when you get the bits all working (like I did in the video above...yay!), that's the time when you can start tightening it all up.  That's when you can start thinking about making it pretty.  But feel no compulsion to do it sooner.  Embrace the mess!  Embrace the thrash of creation!

Update: Here's a demo once the system was buttoned-up for the first time.

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