Thursday, March 13, 2014

Polysix - Sharing my Arduino Code

As many of you know, I made some pretty substantial modifications to my Korg Polysix.  One of the biggest changes was to replace the keybed to enable aftertouch.  To make this happen, I had to replace the Polysix's Key Assigner with an Arduino.  It was a lot of work, but once I made the core hardware modifications, I found that I was able to add lots of features to the Polysix, such as: aftertouch and portamento, more interesting detuning for unison mode, a poly-unison mode, a Moog-like single-trigger mode, and a sustain pedal.  All of these modifications were effected through software changes on the Arduino.

Since I have made those modifications, I have had some people ask if I could share the software.  At first I declined, because I was embarrassed of the poor quality of the code.  I also didn't really know how to share it.  Then, I learned how to use GitHub.  So, I at least know how to share my code now.  All I have to do is get over my embarrassment.  Well, here we go...

If you want to look at some nasty code for how to replace the Polysix Key Assigner using an Arduino, you can find my GitHub repository at:

Yes, my code is tortured and very difficult to follow.  But, that's what happens when you're just learning how to do this stuff.  Sorry.  If I were to re-write it from scratch it would look a lot different...but this is what I have now.  Maybe you'll find something useful.

Thanks for reading!