Monday, August 26, 2013

Polysix Deeper Bass - Properly Jumpering C61

Following this post and this one, I've decided that I like the sound of my Korg Polysix when bypassing C61.  So, I've decided to remove the clip leads that were shown in the pictures in those previous posts and replace them with a proper jumper wire.  So, I cut one to length and soldered it in.

The Red Wire Jumpers Around C61 by Connecting the Left Leg of Q15 with the Right Leg of R115.

Again, the Red Wire Jumps from the Left Leg of Q15 to the Right Leg of R115.
Now, I agree that the proper thing to do would have been to remove C61 and to solder a jumper wire into the holes of C61, but I didn't want to do that.  I just soldered in the red jumper wire shown above.  I don't perceive any additional added noise by using this flying lead, so I think that it's probably OK.  Plus, if I choose to un-do this mod, removing the red wire is easier than finding and installing a replacement for C61.

Smell the solder!


  1. I did the Treble/Attack and Bass mods - thanks for those, Chip and Tony. The SSM2056 are super snappy! Demo clip:

    1. J, great that you're sharing you audio samples of your mods...but how about a blog to show off pics and diagrams?!? It'd be a great way to help get people pumped up and to get out their own soldering irons!