Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Polysix - Permanently Removing the Post-Effects VCF

After living for a while with my non-destructive version of bypassing the post-effects VCF, I've decided that I really like it and that it is probably something that I want to keep.  Because the clip lead that I had been using is not a robust long-term solution, I decided that I would make this modification more permanent.  So, I replaced the clip leads and soldered in a single wire in its place.  It's pretty straight-forward...

I soldered a jumper wire from J28 to R168, thereby bypassing the now-empty socket for IC15.
The sound is the same as before, but the synth will now be more robust as I travel with it.  If I ever want to un-do this mod, I simply un-solder the single wire and put the LM13600 back into the empty IC socket.  Easy!

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